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need a car

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Hi we are in need of a car due to the fact that we are both disabled. most of our dr.s

Hi we are in need of a car due to the fact that we are both disabled. most of our dr.s appointments are mostly out of town to even being out of state. We have been with out a car now for over one year. It's just too hard on the both of us to get where we need to go to. We don't like asking other people to take us every where that we need to go .We both have back trouble so severe that we both need to wear a back belt to walk any where. The closes store to us is one and a half miles from where we live. So if you would be able to help us get a car or a van it would be so helpful to us . My other half isn't able to drive but I am,, so that I can take him when he needs to go to his appointments as well as taking myself to all of mine.
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I'm a Nurse.I have to travel more than 100km daily, but don't have a vehicle. public transport services in Srilanka takes more than 5 hours for one journey.somebody please help me to buy a car!
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I just finished college and was going to do my internship and my car broke down, The

I just finished college and was going to do my internship and my car broke down, The internship is at a place that i would have to take 3 buses to and then walk far to the place as there are no buses that go near there. I lost my job because i couldn't get to it, not on bus route either. Now I am paying my rent, electric, heat, etc. with my tax money and it won't last long. I need a car to get to my internship and after that i will start working if they hire me. If i don't get a car soon my daughter and i will end up homeless. We live in colorado
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I am a college student. & my car just broke down on my I only had it for about 7 months

I am a college student. & my car just broke down on my I only had it for about 7 months and she died. I am having an extremely hard time getting to school and work with no car. Using my mom's car isn't working out for the family at all. I'm in dire need of a blessing. If you know anyone that is trying to sell a car or something please let me know. Thank you for your time.
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rosie 2255  

Im despartely in need of a car I stay in Atlanta I have four children an two grand kids an

Im despartely in need of a car I stay in Atlanta I have four children an two grand kids an there's no bus stop where I live in habits 30 min from my house
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lil shy  

hello Oklahoma i am a single mother in okc area and im need of a vehile to get my kids back and forth to school

I just want to day hello Oklahoma city I am asingle mom of4 wounderful boys trying to stay in school and keep my kids in school I'm going back to school to get my GED and tang right now is my only income I'm on sec8 and try to mae mine and my kids abetter life. By going to church and do something with my life
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I thought I needed a car but then you get on here and see these wonderful people with

I thought I needed a car but then you get on here and see these wonderful people with heartbreaking stories. I'm just a 19 year old kid who has a vehicle its just broke down! but my heart sincerely goes out to everyone on here trying to better themselves and their families. Happy new year!!
- Logan
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need a car: Well, my car " Betsy" is ratteling lately while I've been driving. I have exhausted all

Well, my car " Betsy" is ratteling lately while I've been driving. I have exhausted all funds to even consider what's the issue. Frankly, wishing for another reliable vehicle where can won't worry about breaking down on the freeways at night coming from work. I own my 2000 Grand Marquis LS and have already put in lots of money towards repairs. Hoping for a chance to own a car.
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Blue tea  

Is it safe for you to drive your children?

Is it safe for you to drive your children?
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I am a single disabled mother of two children. I need a car to get to the doctor and to be

I am a single disabled mother of two children. I need a car to get to the doctor and to be able to go to my daughters school to help her. Please some help me.
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I am a stoke pat that i had in feb of 13 i have 3 young kidsthat keep me going 24//7 buti

To ad above i dont usualy do this sorry
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I am a stoke pat that i had in feb of 13 i have 3 young kidsthat keep me going 24//7 buti

I am a stoke pat that i had in feb of 13 i have 3 young kidsthat keep me going 24//7 buti am unable to go to my drs appts i have a lot wrong with me im not puttin on a scam i seen this adn and i am tam trying i have a lot going on in my life and dont want it to effect m kids plesse email me at i am a person who usualy does this i have alot to tell etc. Thang you Robert gray
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Need a Car: HI I'M Amanda I have two children. I am 32 and my daughter is my youngest. She was

HI I'M Amanda I have two children. I am 32 and my daughter is my youngest. She was deformed in her left hand and has had an amputation in the last year. She had a tumor form on the site of amputation. I let my car go back to the dealership in Jan 2013 I since have been looking to work for a car or something. I have found a few on Craigslist that are fairly cheap just never want to allow me to work off the amount. I am skilled an many ways. Clerical house cleaning and yard work among other things. Just ask I might be able to accomplish any task you have. I can paint very well. Have my own paint tools. My contact number is my cell 4058816315 My kids would like to be able to play in the free splash pads this summer and Dr App are always a challenge on finding out how to get back and forth. Thanks for reading I am excepting all thoughts and ideas instate or out of state.
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In Desperate Need of a Vehicle, Housing, Help

I've been lurking here for years and finally decided to officially join. I'm out of options and don't know what to do or where to turn. I'll keep it brief.

Single disabled mom of three. Ex found guilty of abuse, finally after 10 years of calls, begging someone, anyone, to do something. No criminal charges and he is appealing. He's also suing me for visitation and this battle has been going on for over two years. Legal aid refuses to help me. It has to do with the county in which we live. In any other county they would take a case like mine, but in this general geographic area, they do not. No one will tell me why, it's just the system. If I lived 70-100 miles east, I could have legal representation. I'm hearing impaired and no one told me I could have an interpreter or anything and so I sat in a bunch of hearings not being able to understand anything. But now when I request service, they usually don't show up.

We need HOUSING!!!! We need to move out of this area. We have no friends or family and no type of support system at all. It's just my children and me leaning on each other. The people in this region are very unfriendly and don't like outsiders even though we've been here 15 years. This place is like the Twilight Zone and I'm not kidding. The house we live in is filled with mold and asbestos and needs a ton of other repairs. Even Section 8 won't complain to the landlord because he'll just evict me rather than make repairs and we have nowhere to go. Rentals are scarce and no one wants to accept Section 8. The house has made me even sicker and is making my children ill too.

Plus it's very expensive to maintain. We have oil heat and hot water. I ran up $250.00 electric bills this year with portable electric heaters to save the oil for hot water. My children and I sleep in one room for the heat and I turn it on twice a day for 10 minutes to keep the pipes from freezing especially upstairs. The temps are still below freezing at night here. Plus my disease hates cold weather and is made worse by it. I have to stay warm but can't. This makes me unable to move and makes my limbs freeze up. Right now we only have a little left and I don't know how we'll survive without hot water. I have special needs children and hot water is a necessity and we need more than a pot boiled on the stove. There are no laundromats and I don't have a car to get there. All of the oil companies want a minimum of 100 gallons delivery which equates to almost all of my SSI check. I have difficulty with stairs which is where the bathroom is so I'm forced to have a potty chair in the living room. Gross, I know. Who lives like this?

We need a car desperately. I've been on FCC for over a year and still haven't gotten one. I was unable to get on there for several months last year because my children and I were in and out of the hospital but I vote several times a week. I used to vote faithfully every day but I know that isn't going to get you a car. No one in my area ever gets a car. There is no public transportation where we live. I have to walk to the grocery store and pharmacy. When you have the health problems that I have, it's not easy to do. There are no sidewalks where I live and since I can't hear, it's very dangerous for me. I've had pneumonia twice since September. I have to go out in all kinds of weather and since I can't carry a lot even with a basket, I have to go every other day. I can't afford to take a taxi and my neighbors won't give me a ride even though I've helped all of them at one time or another. They see me struggling on the side of the road with my bags and they just wave as they ride by. I can't do it anymore. I can't! I tried to get a car loan, not knowing how I would even pay it but I don't meet the minimum income requirements. And I tried several places that specialize in bad credit and bankruptcies! My SSI is meant for one, not four.

We need a car to get out of this house and out of this area. If my ex wins his appeal, they will reinstate visitation and the abuse will start up again. My kids can't go through that again. They have suffered enough at his hands!

We are good people. Kind, friendly, compassionate and caring. We don't deserve what we are going through and I only touched the surface of what our lives are like. There is so much more going on but I am a private person and don't like asking for help. I know there are plenty of others in worse situations than mine. I don't like pity. But I DO need help.

I'm sure I'll edit this later but I wanted to get something out there. I hope that I can help and inspire others. I've been to hell and back several times in my life. I've always had an optimistic outlook and am very spiritual. For the first time in my life, I truly feel hopeless. I am not comfortable with that and with the thoughts that go along with that feeling. Everyone needs hope. Everyone needs something to look forward to. My children and I don't. It scares the hell out of me. I pray and put everything in God's hands. But even my faith is wavering because things have been so bad for so long. It's hard to raise your children as Christians when they have never known kindness, goodness, compassion and love (except from me, of course). In their short lives they've experienced more bad than good. They ask me where the Blessings are. I teach them to have a grateful heart and they do. But then something else bad happens.

On a more practical note, I have contacted every agency I could find locally, have scoured the internet, tried our local churches and any charities to no avail. No one is willing to help us. Not just with a car, but with anything. We use a food pantry and again, I'm grateful, but most of what we receive is expired or is stuff no one would want like canned yams and wasabi sauce.

I'm not unintelligent. I work very hard every day trying to get us out of this situation. I want to try to go back to school to lift us out of poverty but I need a laptop for that. I don't even know if my health would allow me to attend school but I have to try to get my degree! It's the only way. My health certainly won't get better in this house but we need a car to get out. It a chicken or egg thing. Can't get one without the other.

I'm not asking for a hand out. Far from it. I learned long ago that no one is going to give me anything in this life. What I am asking for is information and leads to agencies that might be able to help me as well as information on housing. If anyone knows of available housing on the eastern seaboard, the Carolinas, Virginia, PA, NJ, DE, GA, MD, please let me know. For health reasons my ideal location would be Arizona which isn't possible at this time. I need to get into a warmer climate. Even moving 70 miles east of where I am now would improve my health (as well as getting out of this mold pit).

It's bad enough to have no friends or family but then it is compounded by my lack of transportation. That is why I am reaching out here for help.

Thanks for reading my story. Blessings and prayers for all.

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Ok I need help again.We are driving a very very dangerous car it just dies while we are going down the road right in the middle of traffic and there is lots of traffic here the brakes are bad and it has no heat or defroster.This car is not only dangerous for us but for others around us.We also have the opportunity to move to Arkansas which would be good for my ill husband and for me.I wish someone would help me and not scam me.I am getting so tired of this life and never being able to have anything.
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I Won a Car

Hello everyone
On 11/29/10 1:33PM Reggie From FreeCharityCars called telling me I won an 2001 SUV Pontiac. I am just in shock and now to do many things to get the paper work into them. Plus take time to soak it all in.

Have a great week and now to get some rest - I hope.

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ms k  

Same stuff, different day

Hey everyone~ LONG TIME since I wrote on here, but I do read the stuff here, briefly when I come on here.
My problems have only elevated since oct 09 when I wrote last, I think...geez...was it so long ago when I have been right here? Well, here is my issue on here...I cannot seem to find what I am emailed from here about! It will give something like 62 aids or 10 or 46 or whatever...then I come here and there is only my page. I do not understand! Can someone help? I would appreciate it greatly.

I have a story. Someone came on my page and told me they could not find my I am confused!!

My son has moved to the south and back again, at the expense of a few family members. He and his family are having a very rough time for a while now. He works hard every day at his job...He and his wife and kids all stayed at my home for 2 weeks before they went south, but when they came back, they moved back in for 3 weeks! It wasn't too bad.

So, now my issues are the same, only a little worse. ;-( I stay grateful with my attitude of thanks to God.

I still need a car!!!! I have been 3 1/2 years since I have not had a vehicle. I am being controlled by my husband, by his keeping me right where he wants me...and I hate it.I feel as if I am in prison! I hardly ever go anywhere except my yard in the country now, and I stay in the house most days. It is so complicated...I am very depressed and unhappy, but I am in no shape physically to clean...I need on disability~ but that is complicated with time and so many things I have wrong from head to toe.
I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 last Nov and now, I need insulin! I do not have the money for the doctor, and that is at the cheap clinic here. I take about 15 drugs a day for what I have wrong!Now that is not counting the insulin.

So, my grandkids birthdays leave me embarrassed because I cannot buy...and Christmas is out of the question. They are only 2 and 5. We have no money for living, let alone toys and stuff.

Maybe I am doing my story here?! LOL

ms K

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About skysmom

we have a family of four and we are searching for a free or low cost vehicle. we have one vehicle that stays broke down more often now than we get to drive it! and my fiance is on the verge of loosing his job due to not being able to make it to work because of this. our son and daughter are about to start back to school and i need a way to come and go if i may need to get them or go to them for unexpected reasons. im on disability and a stay at home mom. but i need to do things while the family is away throughout the day and i have no other way. we are really tied to our responsibilities and want to do the best by our kids. so if you could find it in your heart to help some pretty down trottened everyday, american, christian folks we would so appriciate the helping hand that you extend to us. You will be in our prayers that the right one the Lord has chosen for us, will answer this request that we have sent out to you. God bless you all.

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